About Us

Work Experience

Dave Stevenson is a talented technician who has a wide variety of practical experience and training. He has up-to-date training on servicing and modifying all types of General Motors vehicles.

Starting out at Williamson Chev-Olds, Dave worked up through the ranks in his 20 year career, leaving with the prestigious title of Grand Master Technician.

After leaving Williamson's, Dave went on to be a hands-on Plant Manager at Tecstar Manufacturing Canada Ltd. where he over-saw all aspects of the plant and off-site projects which included second stage production and body modifications for the Silverado SS.

Now Dave is looking to take on car customizations and restorations on anything from your daily commuter car to show cars, race cars and rat rods.

Racing Experience

Dave became interested in racing vehicles and crewed with Powell Motorsport as the Lead Chief Technician.

His team took on the Motorola Cup and took home the Championship in 1997, 1998 and 1999. In 1999, his team also finished in 1st place in the Hoosier Pit Stop Challenge against 42 teams.

In 2001, his team took home the Grand American Championship. His achievements earned him the award of Crew Chief of the Year for 2001.